Monday, February 9, 2009

~It Was An Early Morning....~

We worked hard on the weekend to get the store rearranged and back together again. Truth be told, the classroom was a complete disaster this morning, but the front of the store was looking really really good! We not only had to have it ready for customers, but ready for TV as well!
We had a lot of fun with Jill and Rob from CityTV Calgary's Breakfast Television this morning. They both made it so easy for those of us who aren't used to be on TV all the time...
What a neat view in front of our store as the sun was rising in the East.... I think all the guys heading in to Cloverdale Paint early this morning were wondering what the heck was going on... was it newsworthy?? Teehee.

Sharon, Krista and I all got to do crafty segments with Jill and Allison and Christy did a little crafting and a little talking about the cool new products coming from several manufacturers.

I am still a little in disbelief that we were all on TV this morning... we had a lot of fun despite the nervous butterflies!

A big thank you to Allison for her hand in getting the Scrapbook Pantry all of this wonderful television exposure!!!


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