Thursday, February 5, 2009

~We're Going To Be On TV!!~

BTOur good friend Allison Orthner has arranged to do her monthly Breakfast Television (CityTV) scrapbooking segment at the Scrapbook Pantry on Monday, February 9th!! There will be a total of five segments, shot live at the Pantry between 6 and 10am!! Allison will be talking about what she loved about CHA (the big tradeshow we were all at) and three of the staff will be doing Valentines Day inspired demos.


Now, we need your help! We would love to have some customers in our store on Monday morning... we're opening early.... and I mean EARLY!! We're talking the doors will open at 6am!

Anyone who joins us between 6 and 10am will receive a little present from us as a thank you as well as 25% off all regular priced merchandise (excluding kits). You'll also be treated to a little sneak preview of many of the new products we ordered at CHA!

If you can't join us, we hope you'll set your VCR or PRV to record us... or watch it live if you can!

But remember, you're not allowed to laugh at us!!

If you're reading this blog and you're from out of town, you can still catch us if you have Bell ExpressVu... channel 246!



  1. I'm so excited...I'll be tuned in, in Moncton, New see all the *new celebs*! Maybe this is your way to the Oscars.....good luck.

  2. Hey, maybe I will stop by on my way to work! Sweet!

  3. I'm in St. Catharines, but I'm sure I can get it, I'll have to look for the channel, unless someone here know what channel is for starchoice.
    Greetings, good luck!

  4. Good luck! I watch BT every morning before I go to work (I live in Southern Alberta) and am excited to see what you do! I haven't been able to make it to your store yet, so I'm sure it'll be great!

  5. I stopped in this morning and it was great! You ladies rock! You should be open at 6AM every morning - I can stop by on my way to work. Just kidding! I can only drag my butt out of bed that early about once or twice a week.